Role of Human Resource Management in Education

Goals and Role of Human Resource Management in Education
The goals of human resource management in education are to develop the workers and to contribute to goal achievement. Human resource management has some specific roles to play. These are strategic and operational roles.

Strategic Role: Human resources are critical for effective educational functioning. Human resources were once relegated to second-class status, but its importance has grown dramatically in the last two decade. Again, its new importance stem from adequately recruited, selected and supervised, inducted and adequately rewarded, provided for, properly develop, appraised and promoted on the job. They will be committed to the job, remain dedicated and productive in the education system. It also represents a significant investment of the educational efforts. If managed well, human resources can be a source of competitive strength for the education. Strategically, human resources must be viewed in the same context as the financial, technological and other resources that are managed in any organization (Onah, 2008).

Operational Role: According to Mathis and Jackson (1997). Operational activities are both
tactical and administrative in nature. Griffin (1997) sees operational role from the legal perspective
because some have regulated various aspects of employee-employer relations. Human resources management is therefore, interested in compliance with equal employment opportunities a observation of labour laws; examples; applicants must be oriented to the organizations, supervisors must be trained, safety problems must be resolved; wages and salaries must be administered. Awide range of activities typically associated with the day-to-day management of people as providedby laws and regulations must be performed efficiently. It is this collection of activities that has often been referred to as the personnel function, and the newer strategic focus of human resources management has not eliminated.In summary, it is difficult to produce one general interpretation of what human resource management means today

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